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Black Women Against Religion
Peace and Black Power Family. Welcome to BWAR (pronounced Bee-war): Black Women Against Religion. We are glad that you are checking us out because we are serious as a heart attack on this one. You see, we are now living in a time or dispensation where we are witnessing one of the greatest events in time. Read more...
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Religion has claimed more lives and has caused more division within the "black" community than any other event known to "mankind". Religion has taught us to redirect our "spirit being" from (within) ourselves to a "supernatural being" (outside of ourselves)., leaving us dumb-down, delusional, & docile. This action has caused a great "sleep" in our culture that dates back over many centuries.

BWAR envisions a nature in which the indigenous Man, Woman and Child will not only be free from the bondage that religion has placed within our communities, but in fact free to restore that "spiritual" connection that was once prevalent amongst the people of the SUN.

It is our goal to provide a strong "sister" connection, helpful resources and continual support for Indigenous Women to freely experience a life without bondage and without supernatural beliefs. We are the people of the SUN, the children of the Diaspora and the mothers of this earth.