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Black Women Against Religion
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Some had wished that they could see this day, Christian churches and the like preached about this time in their pulpits (and still do), and yet many others don't care one way or another if this time comes or not. What is this time? It is known as The Great Apostasy (falling away from religion). Many are walking away from their belief systems in droves, but the most exciting part of it all is that SISTAHS ARE WALKING AWAY. That's right. Many so-called Black Women have walked away from major religions such as Christianity and Islam now more than ever. This BWAR cipher was created for Black Women all over the world who recognize that it is time for the so-called black woman to stand up for herself, her children, and her man. It is that time to give the pink man and woman back their women hating, warring, murderous, perverted and brainwashing religion that was injected into the Melanin Rich families to keep the Negroes “calm” and manageable while they continued to endure rape, murder, beatings and the such.

The Creator of BWAR has a vision, and that vision is to gather up all of the Sistahs who are sick and tired of seeing loved ones wrapped up in these religions that keep women under subjection and children venerable to mental and sexual abuse. Our hope is to grow this cipher as big as we can so that we can not only strengthen each other, but get together in numbers and show the zombies of the world we are awakening; we are thinkers, and we want our spiritual liberation restored.

This cipher is opened to all of our Sistahs across the world. Now is our time to unite on a whole different level….RELIGION NEEDS TO DIE SO THAT WE CAN LIVE…Welcome to BWAR…