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Black Women Against Religion
Peace and Black Power Family. Welcome to BWAR (pronounced Bee-war): Black Women Against Religion. We are glad that you are checking us out because we are serious as a heart attack on this one. You see, we are now living in a time or dispensation where we are witnessing one of the greatest events in time. Read more...
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The BLB is an exclusive list of dynamic Speakers who are available for speaking engagements around the world.Our mission is to bring more Sistahs who are declaring war against this religious beast. All members that are added to this list are official members of BWAR and cover a wide range of topics. We invite all BWAR Sistahs to add their names to this list, but please apply here. BWAR has the right to reject an application if it is not in line with the mission of this Cipher. You can view our terms of conditions here. Names will be added on a regular basis so please check back periodically. We will also email you every time a new Sistah is added to the list.

*BWAR does not negotiate for the Speakers. Please contact them directly to enlist their services.
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