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Black Women Against Religion
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BWAR relies on the generosity of those who desire to assist us in expanding this network across the globe. We have listed below some future activities that we are planning. After all, you should see where your donations would go if you chose to give right?

Thank You in advance for whatever donation that you decide to gift us with, and we sincerely appreciate your generosity.
Life After Christianity 101
LAC 101 is the foundation of BWAR. LAC is a radio show that first aired in 2013 and is hosted by the creator of LAC and BWAR Empress T'Malkia Zuri. The motto of LAC is "Reversing the Curse", and the mission is "not to convince you of what to think, but to provoke you to think".  Your donation would help to ease some of the airtime cost that we have to spend each month to stay on the air to fulfill our mission.
BWAR Meetups
We are planning to have a BWAR Meetup scheduled regularly in each state or country.  Our goal is to have funding available to make these Meetups happen. Your donations can assist us in securing building rentals, refreshments, and any literature that needs to be printed.
Website Maintenance Costs
Your donations will go towards the cost and time it takes to maintain the BWAR's website, Mobi Site, all social media platforms and more.
Thank You in Advance for your donations and helping us to spread not the "good news", but the "better news".
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We Appreciate Your Support!
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