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District Representative
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Peace and Black Power Family. Welcome to BWAR (pronounced Bee-war): Black Women Against Religion. We are glad that you are checking us out because we are serious as a heart attack on this one.

The Creator of BWAR has a vision, and that vision is to gather up all of the Sistahs who are sick and tired of seeing loved ones wrapped up in these religions that keep women under subjection and children venerable to mental and sexual abuse. Our hope is to grow this cipher as big as we can so that we can not only strengthen each other, but get together in numbers and show the zombies of the world we are awakening; we are thinkers, and we want our spiritual liberation restored.

This cipher is opened to all of our Sistahs across the world. Now is our time to unite on a whole different level….RELIGION NEEDS TO DIE SO THAT WE CAN LIVE…Welcome to BWAR…Read More
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To become a member of BWAR,
please fill out this form
COMPLETELY and we contact you
via email.
BWAR is looking for District Volunteers (3) in each state to be the representative for BWAR in the state that the volunteers dwell in.

Main Responsibilities:
-Work closely with current and new members of BWAR to help them understand the mission and motto of Black women Against Religion. The D.R works closely with the GM of BWAR to create upcoming events and other projects that are geared to help maintain and grow BWAR's membership within assigned territory.
-Create and monitor monthly BWAR MeetUps (ciphers).
-Oversee committee reps in assigned territory.
-Oversee the maintenance of the BWAR Group for assigned territory.
-Engage in problem solving of any issues arising in the BWAR community for assigned territory/district.
-Actively support BWAR in other activities outside of assigned territory/district.
-Travel within assigned

Basic Qualifications:

*District Representatives must be a female Indigenous being,
*District Representatives must have no affiliations to any type of religion such as but not limited to Christianity, Islam, Hebrew Israelite, Hinduism, ect...
*Must have at least 1 year in management skills
*Must be self-motivated
*Excellent organizational and communication skills,
*Must have the ability to multi-task,
*Must possess strong leadership skills,
*Must have the ability to train others,
*Must have access to the internet,
*Must be well diverse in social medias such as facebook and twitter.
*Must have a valid, verifiable proof of identity,