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Back Your Sistah
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Peace and Black Power Family. Welcome to BWAR (pronounced Bee-war): Black Women Against Religion. We are glad that you are checking us out because we are serious as a heart attack on this one.

The Creator of BWAR has a vision, and that vision is to gather up all of the Sistahs who are sick and tired of seeing loved ones wrapped up in these religions that keep women under subjection and children venerable to mental and sexual abuse. Our hope is to grow this cipher as big as we can so that we can not only strengthen each other, but get together in numbers and show the zombies of the world we are awakening; we are thinkers, and we want our spiritual liberation restored.

This cipher is opened to all of our Sistahs across the world. Now is our time to unite on a whole different level….RELIGION NEEDS TO DIE SO THAT WE CAN LIVE…Welcome to BWAR…Read More
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"Back Your Sistah" is a cool program that we have created to promote Sisterhood while providing a support system for those who are tin the public eye spreading information in an effort to enlighten our people to the damaging effects of religion.

Exactly what is this program?
BYS consists of a group of women who have vowed to help other Sistahs who need assistance in promoting their project and/or products. For instance, If Trina is an aspiring Rap Artist and her music is in line with the mission of this cipher, she would submit her music to us for review.The appointed committee and other BYS members would then review the track(s), and if chosen,Trina's existing promo tools (such as flyers, social media tags, photos,ect.) will be distributed by each member to their social medias and/or website for 7 days.

How can BYS help me?
Although the social media is available and free to use, many would agree that it takes time and energy to share information about a new product. Enlisting BYS Members is like adding a few more "hands" to the pot in order to help give the Artist a better range and more exposure.

Here is just some of the things that BYS Members will do for you:
·Share your information on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
·Announce your project on the air
·Place information of products and services on personal websites.
And more...

What are the guidelines to be considered for this program?
All BWAR Members are eligible for the BYS Program. We accept Musicians, Artists, Authors, and other Entrepreneurs. Check out our full guidelines here.

*Do I have to join BWAR in order to take advantage of this program?
Yes you do? This program is part of the benefit of joining the BWAR cipher.

How do I become a member?
Click here to join.

Benefits of membership

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