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Jesus, A Created being or Voted in?

Eye grabbed this article from So, this Christian website is saying in a nutshell what we have been saying..JESUS WAS DECIDED AT THIS COUNCIL TO BE THE DIVINE SON OF GOD. Eye should also note the magic words like “DECISIVE, BELIEVED, VOTE, ADOPTED, VIEWS AND ENDED UP”. These are key words that can safely lead us to believe that the council had to DECIDE on who this Jesus was and what he was going to be to the people. In the end, this council was said to have signed a CREEDAL statement. A Creedal or “creed” is : 1. any system, doctrine, or formula of religious belief, as of a denomination. 2. any system or codification of BELIEF or of OPINION. REMEMBER…this is derived from the study of CHRISTIANS who still want to say that there IS proof of this Jesus. Whether there was a man that walked the earth or not and claimed to be a minister (Eye know a whole truckload full of them), the question seems to be…Was he divine and the son of some supernatural being? According to the council of Bishops, it was a vote to “appoint” him as such…. Taken from JESUS.ORG- Did a belief in Jesus’ divinity receive its DECISIVE sanction through a “close VOTE” at Nicea in AD 325? What we know about Nicea is this: It gathered not to determine the divinity of Jesus but to discuss the ARIAN VIEW of Jesus, who SAW Jesus as Son of God, but appointed to that role versus the view that the council ADOPTED that Jesus possessed Sonship from eternity. So the debate was THE TYPE OF SON OF GOD Jesus was, not whether Jesus was divine. Arius BELIEVED that Jesus was Son as the first created being with a special, unique relationship to God. What Nicea ENDED UP AFFIRMING is that Jesus was eternally the Son and was not created. Constantine did call this council together because he wanted peace and unity in the church. The council had from 216 to 316 bishops from around most of Christendom in attendance, but the vast majority were from THE EAST. There was no close vote. What the bishops did was sign a CREEDAL statement known as the Nicean Creed. Only two out of the entire group REFUSED, so the “vote” was hardly close. Most politicians today would view a 214-2 to 314-2 vote as a landslide (a ninety-nine percent plus majority!).  bwar jesus